This type of fishing is carried out not too far from the coast. The navigation is fast and it won´t take longer than 30 minutes. Within the great variety of fishing banks there are some to be highlighted such as “La Restinga del Faro”, “ El Pozo del Tío”, “Tres Cúpulas”. Because of their nearness to the coast, and since they are not too deep, these banks are protected from strong winds and strong currents.
“La Restinga del faro” is one of the best places to fish through the Mar del Plata´s coast due to the fact that Mar del Plata is located in the foothill of El Macizo de Tandilla which make the zone special since different rocky bottoms are found.

Summer is the best time for assorted fishing, when you can catch–shadefish , ray, tope shark, young hake, conger, etc, and when the water is murky you can find the most aggressive species such as anchovy, leer fish, etc. It is also important to bear in mind that with the entry of warm waters the fishing of sharks starts with its highest season between February and March to late April.

Autumn is characterized by the arrival of silversides. However, the species mentioned before are also found. This time of the year could be described as a time when winds are not as strong as in winter, which not only allows a good navigation but also the sureness of the hunting because of the clearness of the water.
Winter is the season for silverside hunting. By the beggining of July, the Manila Silverside, one of the species that has more supporters appears. Despite the fact that this kind of silvreside does not reach greats sizes (700 grs.) it is very voracious and offers great resistance to be cought. For springtime, the amount of species that appear are likely to increase and young heak and shadefish are commonly seen.


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