With the experience gained through years of sailing and fishing in Mar del Plata, was founded in 1997 our family business, Mako Team, dedicated exclusively to fishing tours. Thinking meet every angler's fantasies we form a team of experienced professionals and provide ongoing training for service excellence that characterizes us.

Trolling, Deep Jigging, Bottom Fishing Varied, half-height, Fly Fishing Cast and high thinking led large species of our seas are the ways in which we specialize in personal attention and advice to make the trip fair each season.

The preference of our customers has allowed constant improvement of MAKO TEAM, and today we offer fully equipped boats, specially designed for this activity in compliance with all safety measures required by Argentinian Coast Guard.


Mako Team - Tel: +54 223 493-5338 | 154-003575 | ID: 54*175*1148
Office: Club de Pesca Mdp - Av. Luro y Bvrd. Marítimo - Stand 4. - Mar del Plata - Buenos Aires - Argentina.