Technique: A thrilling fishing modality to catch species such as yellowfin, anchovy, skipjack tuna, mackerel, leer fish. This modality is practised while the boat is in movement approximately at speeds between 2 and 8 knots. Firstly, the shoal is located, when found, the zone of hunting is marked and the fishing starts.

A great variety of lines, depth gauges, baits and traps of different colors and sahpes are available. The success of your fishing experience is guaranteed by our experience, a great technical support and very modern equipment.

Rods: 15 to 30 lb. and 2 to 2,50 mts. long
Reels: Abu-700-7500 | Penn-320-310 GTI
Daiwa: Sealine - SL30H.
Nylon: 0,45 - 0,50 - 0,60 mm .
Multifilament: 10 to 18 lbs .
Downriggers: LUHR - JENSEN - HANTSH


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