Without a doubt, the best choice you can take along all the coast of Argentina. The banks where we fish are very deep, 30 to 60 meters, one of the best known is the "Banco Patria", which is another rocky outcrops of Tandilia system. We chose it because it is a sort of reservoir for fishing and commercial vessels that use nets are careful to make sets of depth because they fear that contact with the rocks leave them without your material.

In this type of fishing there is a marked difference between seasons, which may be mentioned is the arrival of some species as it does in the summer, dominated by species such as "besugos", which come in large numbers, sea salmon, although not many that can be captured in one day, come have exaggerated postage Like "chernias" and "meros", the latter are practically all year round.

They can add "castañetas", "salmonetas", "pez palo", "anchoa de banco", "caballa", etc. And make a special mention for the months of March, April and early May, the arrival of "pez limon"and bonito, which are two of the most aggressive species of our sea.


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